Public Governance, Administration and Finances Law Review

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The mission and the fundamental aim of the journal to become a prestigious and admitted issue both scientific and theoritical level in the field of public administration and financial law (with special emphasis on public financing). The journal would like to be the centre and the possible forum of the scientific dialogue and cooperation in the subject of public administration science and finance with the collaboration of the Visegrad Group countries. For the sake of this aim the journal contributes to the development of the public administration and finance with high level theoretical works and publications.
The journal was established as an English language international periodical on public administration and public financing and its primary objective is to become an international journal of the highest scientific and professional class, quality and rating, and evolve, through collaboration initiated in Central and Eastern Europe, into a decisive international scientific forum open to quality scientific publications from anywhere in the world, professional discourse and debate, a synthesis of scientific opinions and comparative research. Therefore, the journal offers an opportunity for all to learn from others. Although international in its scope, the journal places special emphasis on developing and strengthening the scientific, learning and research networks of the Visegrad Group countries.

In terms of its topics and content, the journal is primarily theoretical but would also leave room to analytical works on jurisprudence and case law as well as professional forums and book reviews. As indicated by its title, the journal focuses on public law, public administration and financial law with topics including constitutional law, administrative law, public administration science, public services (and their administration) and financial law (with special emphasis on public financing, economic administration, business competition and public management).

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